25 Minute TRX Workout Combining TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT Workout

TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT


If you have been spending hours in the gym without getting any visible results, you need to switch to a more efficient and effective workout. A workout that not only burns your calories but burns it quickly.You need to switch to High Intensity Interval training ( HIIT) workout which is also commonly known as Sprint Interval training (SIT).

HIIT workout includes high intensity exercises which is followed by short periods of recovery. Recovery period exercises are generally of medium intensity. HIIT is a very effective training workout. It not only increases your fitness but also builds your strength during that short period of time and hence is better than any normal training method you have ever used. It increases the aerobic as well as the anaerobic stamina of your body. The entire session of HIIT workout usually lasts between 5 minutes to thirty minutes.

Usually HIIT comprises of three steps:

● Various repetitive exercises of high intensity are performed.

● This is followed by an active rest period of performing exercises which are of medium intensity.

● Last is the cooling down of your body to bring your blood pressure and heart rate to the normal level.

There are various high intensity exercises you can do as part of HIIT. However, one of the most popular exercise would be TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT. This workout method is an all time favorite with professional athletes as well as amateurs as it is a complete body workout.

What is TRX Suspension Training?


TRX or Total resistance exercise was developed by Randy Herrick, a former US Navy Seal. TRX provides Suspension Training to develop flexibility, functional strength, balance and coordination. Suspension trainers which are basically two suspension straps, are used to build muscles and stability of your body.

Generally in a human body, centre of gravity is situated right above the hips and it tends to change every time the body moves. By making use of suspension training, we can change our centre of gravity knowingly, thus challenging our muscles.

TRX Suspension Training is a very different concept than any conventional workout which focuses primarily on muscles. It is a total body workout and is more effective than any other normal exercise such as jogging or swimming.


Benefits of TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT

We are not exaggerating but people who have actually tried TRX Suspension Training cannot stop gushing about how wonderful it is and how amazing it’s results are. We have stated few of its benefits below:

1. Have you ever spent so much time in a gym only to feel not so satisfied and disappointed later because you feel that the exercises you perform only focuses on some of your problem areas? The same is not true with this workout method.TRX Suspension Training is a comprehensive workout and focuses on not only on every muscle of your body but also provides emphasis on strength, stability and flexibility. It also offers variety of exercises which are based mainly on abs training.

2. The adjustable suspension trainers consist of two straps with handles for your hands and feet. The best thing about these trainers? Definitely it would be that they are lightweight and portable. Can you carry your gym equipment everywhere you go? No, but these Suspension trainers can be carried anywhere easily, thus, you can complete your workout indoor or outdoors according to your convenience. If you travel a lot, this workout method is the best pick for you.

3. This kind of training is deemed as a very low impact training. Hence, the risk of injury attached with this workout is very low.Thus, you can perform vigorous high intensity exercises without any fear of injury or aggravating any already existing injury.

TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT Workout 1

4. TRX Suspension Training is a very versatile workout. It can be done by a professional as well as any amateur. Some of the tough exercises which seem to be only fit for experienced athletes can also be performed by beginners by providing the right support.

5. This training not only increases your strength but also improves your cardiovascular stamina.

6. TRX improves the metabolic rate of a person and this helps in burning calories at a faster rate.

If you are looking for losing weight in an effective manner, HIIT workout would be suitable for you. It is better than any other normal workout that you have tried before and when you combine this workout with TRX Suspension Training you’d be surely experiencing wonders and fall in love with this amazing workout. To find suspension training equipment, click here.

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