10 Best TRX Exercises: Total Body Suspension Training Circuit (video)

Suspension Training Circuit

Have you ever wondered what those crazy yellow straps contraption in your gym? They’re referred to as the TRX… and yes it’s awesome.

TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) is a workout system that involves body mass and gravity. Invented by a Navy SEAL, Aaron Baldwin needed exercising system which could keep him in form with little space.

Suspension Training Circuit

As above video, the TRX it’s essentially two movable handles mounted on a non-moving anchor (as being a tree, a door frame, or possibly a special TRX structure). The handles can be manipulated to different parts of the body, and also the resistance might be increased or decreased by just moving ones body closer or farther from the anchor. The truly beautiful benefit of the TRX would be that the core have to be engaged through the workout to stabilize, adding another bonus in your workout. Other benefits of the TRX include increased strength, balance,¬†coordination, flexibility, and joint stability, by using limited possibility of injury because you are using your own body mass. However, some experts suggest that as a result of strong concentrate on core strength, the TRX may be very damaging to a more de-conditioned client. Therefore, you should talk with your doctor plus a fitness professional before giving it a go.

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Source: YouTube