Improve Your Workouts With These Suspension Trainer Moves

Suspension Trainer Moves

Improve Your Workouts with These Suspension Trainer Moves

If you want to improve the results of your workouts then some suspension training moves can help you in making it possible to a great extent. These moves of suspension training are body-weight exercises to develop balance, strength, core stability and flexibility at the same time. These moves require a highly portable performance training tool popularly known as TRX Suspension Trainer to power up the weight and gravity of the body of the user body through a number of moves.

Benefits of using Suspension Trainer moves

The Suspension Trainer moves are the original workout system that is the best in its category as by performing hundreds of its exercises you can improve your body-weight along with the gravity of your body. During these exercises you will have to adjust the position of your body to reduce or increase its resistance. Thus you will have to decide on the amount of stress you want to give to your body for each move.

These suspension training moves can help people from all fitness levels in delivering fast and effective workout for your entire body along with increasing the endurance of your muscles and building their core rock solid. One can do these exercises anywhere whether at home, hotel, gym or outdoors. These moves provide great functionality and performance by using the weight of your own body which cannot be achieved even by spending thousands of dollars on huge workout machines.

Some of the popular suspension training moves or exercises are briefly described here under for your guidance.

Y Fly: In the suspension training moves of this type the TRX straps are put at mid-length and arms are extended in Y position while keeping your palms in forward and feet in offset position to create tension on TRX. While keeping your arms extended you will have maintain a plank along with lowering down your body. Then you have to drive your knuckles back and keep your eyes on the anchor point while pulling on the handles and lifting your chest. Common faults to be avoided in this move include bending the elbows and breaking at the hips.

Single Leg Squat: In this move also TRX straps are put at mid-length. While stretching the TRX you will have to place your elbows under your shoulders and the center the right leg to the anchor point while supporting it by placing the heel of opposite leg on the ground. Now assist the knee of your leg in bending by lowering your back and hips down. Most of your weight should be on working leg but, if required, some of it can be shifted to supporting leg. Then you will have to stand tall by extending your hips while driving through your heels. This move is to be repeated with left leg simultaneously. Common faults to be avoided in this move include bending at the waist too far forward or leaning too far at the back.

Burpee: The TRX straps he are put in the suspension training moves of this type at mid-calf. You will have to center with the anchor point while placing your shoulders over your hips and one foot in foot cradle. Now lower your hips until the back of the knee remains two inch from the ground and drive your suspended knee back. Then hop on your straight back grounded leg forward like blowing up a jump and do a push-up by placing your hand on the ground. Common faults to be avoided may include hopping too far forward or dropping your hips during push-up.

Power Pull: Put the TRX straps at mid-length towards the anchor point while placing your working handle beside your chest to reach your free hand. The shoulder should be dropped down while extending your working arm and rotating your free hand towards the ground in a circular motion. Now you have to rotate your free arm towards the anchor point along with driving the working elbow straight back and keeping your hips square. Common faults to be avoided in such suspension training moves may include use of rotational movement to pull up the body or breaking at the hips.

Thus suspension training moves allow you to use your body-weight to increase its flexibility and strength. To find the right TRX gear, click here.