10 Suspension Trainer Core Exercises To Build Maximum Muscle Without Weights

The following are some of the Suspension Trainer Core Exercises that you can use in your workout.

1.Squat: You have to begin by facing the anchor point; then you should stick your elbow under the shoulders while the feet will be kept apart. The next thing is to lower your back and your hips by making sure that the weight is kept in the middle of the feet as you sit down. When the knees reach 90 degrees, you will have to press the heels before you exhale. Take care that you don’t bend too forward since the chest should always be up and have to be lifted all the time.

2.The Single Leg Squat: This exercise is done by stacking the elbow under the shoulder while only one leg will be used in the center, which will be centered towards the anchor point. You will lift up the other leg up to 90 degrees while you will be lowering the hip slowly. You will have to make sure that all your weight is in the center of the foot when you come down. The another knee has to remain over the ankle. Remember that the bending knee should not move past the toes. When you want to wake up, you have to put your weight on the heel while extending the hips and exhaling. You have to count how many times you do the exercise on one leg so that you can do the same number on the other leg.

3.The chest press: You have to begin by facing the anchor point and extending the arms before your shoulder and leaning on your feet. You can use the feet when they are together or when they are apart. You have to begin by getting the angle that will work well with you. The more you will be walking towards the anchor point the harder this exercising will be because of the steeper angle. It will be easier for you if your feet are away from the anchor point. You have to begin to lower your body by maintaining the plank and making sure that the elbow reaches to 90 degrees. When you try to press back, you will have to handle the drive in your palms. You will have to squeeze the chest by maintaining the plank and by returning to the start position. You should always remember to exhale while pressing.

4.Low Row: You have to begin by looking at the anchor point and to start by pulling down the shoulder back and down. You have to make sure that your palms are facing one another and the hands are near the chest. You have then to take the steps before you while you feel like the back and shoulder are squeezing. You should lower your body maintaining the plank. You have to do exhaling and driving the elbow towards your back. You can end up your exercises by doing the Triceps Press suspension exercises where you will begin by putting your shoulder to your palms while facing down.
Suspension Trainer Core Exercises

5. The Bridge. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Let your back relax in a neutral position. Extend your arms alongside you. Now lift your hips to form a line with your knees. Hold this position for as long as you can. Breathe slowly as you do it. Let your hips down and repeat.

6. Abdominal Crunch. Lie on the back and put the feet on the wall so that your knees and hips are bent at a 90-degree angle. Raise the head and shoulders off the floor. Cross your arms on your chest. It is better not to lock them behind your head as you could strain your neck. Hold the position for three or four deep breaths then repeat several times.

7. Double-leg Abdominal Press. Lie on back with your knees bent and raised your legs off the floor so that your knees and hips are bent at a 90-degree angle. Place your hands on your knees and pull your legs against your hands so they a providing resistance. You will feel you stomach muscles working. Do this for three or four deep breaths and repeat.

8. Segmental Rotation. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your shoulders flat on the floor. Slowly let the knees fall to one side but do not push so that it hurts you. Just go as far as is comfortable. Hold the position for three or four deep breaths and then return to do the same on the other side. Do this several times.

9. Quadruped. Get on the floor on your hands and knees. Make sure your arms are directly under your shoulders. In turn, stretch your limbs out – stretch your right arm as far as you can, then your left and then each of your legs. Make sure your head and neck are level with your back. Use your stomach muscles to balance you. Hold each stretch for three or four deep breaths.

10. The Plank. Lie on the floor on your stomach then raises your body onto your forearms and toes. Keep your body rigid and in a straight line with no sagging. You should be looking at the floor. Hold this position for ten to fifteen seconds and, as you grow stronger, gradually extend the time. Remember to breath slowly as you do it. Later, as your strength improves, you can try raising each leg, one at a time, a few inches off the floor.

These are Suspension Trainer Core Exercises will work all your core muscles, including your abs, to give your body strength and balance. If you are not used to exercising, just do what you can until your body strengthens. To get those six-pack abs you should include some aerobic exercises in your fitness program and get rid of any food that is high in sugar or high in fat. Check out suspension trainers here.

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