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What is Suspension Training
What is Suspension Training?


Recently, Suspension trainers are now a part of the mainstream gyms. They are now a necessity to modern professional sport. Suspension trainers have a functional effect to responsive muscles. It therefore has become an essential event to personal trainers. Across all competitive sports, these elastic bands have proved an added advantage. This write- up will give you everything you need to know about this form of training.

How Suspension Trainers work

Effective Suspension trainers basically operate in the same way as calisthenics. They ensure trainers experience the desired effect on particular base muscles. These base muscles act as a strong foundation during more complex excises. The principle of muscle movement applies when shifting equipment or lifting weights. It is these movements that cause functioning muscles to experience cardiovascular effect. Weight lifting cannot be replicated without the actual weights.

Suspension training allows the exercise of these functional muscles such as weight lifting without weights. There are numerous ways that suspension training can be used in progressive health fitness. They can help improve resistance which in turn provides a proper platform for more difficult muscle movements such as abdominal exercise.

History of Suspension Training

Randy Hetrick who was a former Navy Seal and also a graduate, developed the TRX i.e. Total Resistance exercise equipment as well as the associated Suspension Training body weight workouts in the 90s and began marketing it in the year 2005.

Personal Use

To start with, suspension trainers have to be supported by a firm fixed base. The fixed base should be particularly above and head wise. The attached suspension trainer should support you as you exercise during pull-ups, which involves shifting weight from your feet, which can provide the needed resistance when doing the inverted push-ups.

Suspension trainers offer the important weight bearing effect when you apply natural weight. Your core muscles are constantly experiencing functional movements. They are also portable therefore allowing for flexible use. Be aware that this form of training can be carried in out-door activities away from the gym such as street training.

Benefits of Suspension Training

Suspension training proponents have concluded that this form of training offers core body strength and also joint as well as muscular stability. Generally, this eventually assist a person reduce the likelihood of getting injured. However, some researchers have discovered that weaker people can not utilize this training form safely and effectively since they either lack joint integrity and core stability. Here are the other benefits that this form of training carries along;

*Suspension training can easily build the lean muscles, improve mobility and stability, aid in increasing the rate of metabolism and also assist a person develop functional strength hassle free. This form of workout is considered ideal to be put into considerate by runners, cyclists as well as any person who wants to attain a strong healthy body. However, performing the exercises involved in this form of training can be a daunting task to some people. For this reason, if you cannot properly carry out suspension training by yourself, it’s ideal that you consider hiring a professional trainer to help you out.

As you’ve suspension training is not a scam various merits. Ensure that you put it into considerate to witness what it offers

Tips on How to Effectively Perform Suspension Training

Tip# 1: Researching Online:

First and foremost, you can hassle free acquire any information concerning suspension training thanks to advancement in internet and technology. Basically, when looking for tips on how to perform this form of workout, simply Google “Suspension Training Tips” and a step- by- step- guide will be offered.

However, only rely on websites offering correct information concerning this form of training in order to avoid being misled.

Tip# 2: Knowledge and Reference:

Friends or even close business associates who’ve imputed this form of training in their exercise routine can give you training tips that can turn out beneficial to your body and general heath. It is recommended that you ask such people what they know about suspension training, how they often perform this form of workout and also how they are benefiting from it.

Tip# 3: Hiring a Pro:-

If you think that you cannot perform this form of workout by yourself, consider hiring a pro to guide you. However, the person you hire should be qualified enough to ensure that you reap maximum benefits from the various merits that this form of training offers.

Last, but definitely not the least, ensure that you include suspension training in your workout schedule so that you can benefit from what it offers. Thank you.

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The following are some of the Suspension Trainer Core Exercises that you can use in your workout.

1.Squat: You have to begin by facing the anchor point; then you should stick your elbow under the shoulders while the feet will be kept apart. The next thing is to lower your back and your hips by making sure that the weight is kept in the middle of the feet as you sit down. When the knees reach 90 degrees, you will have to press the heels before you exhale. Take care that you don’t bend too forward since the chest should always be up and have to be lifted all the time.

2.The Single Leg Squat: This exercise is done by stacking the elbow under the shoulder while only one leg will be used in the center, which will be centered towards the anchor point. You will lift up the other leg up to 90 degrees while you will be lowering the hip slowly. You will have to make sure that all your weight is in the center of the foot when you come down. The another knee has to remain over the ankle. Remember that the bending knee should not move past the toes. When you want to wake up, you have to put your weight on the heel while extending the hips and exhaling. You have to count how many times you do the exercise on one leg so that you can do the same number on the other leg.

3.The chest press: You have to begin by facing the anchor point and extending the arms before your shoulder and leaning on your feet. You can use the feet when they are together or when they are apart. You have to begin by getting the angle that will work well with you. The more you will be walking towards the anchor point the harder this exercising will be because of the steeper angle. It will be easier for you if your feet are away from the anchor point. You have to begin to lower your body by maintaining the plank and making sure that the elbow reaches to 90 degrees. When you try to press back, you will have to handle the drive in your palms. You will have to squeeze the chest by maintaining the plank and by returning to the start position. You should always remember to exhale while pressing.

4.Low Row: You have to begin by looking at the anchor point and to start by pulling down the shoulder back and down. You have to make sure that your palms are facing one another and the hands are near the chest. You have then to take the steps before you while you feel like the back and shoulder are squeezing. You should lower your body maintaining the plank. You have to do exhaling and driving the elbow towards your back. You can end up your exercises by doing the Triceps Press suspension exercises where you will begin by putting your shoulder to your palms while facing down.
Suspension Trainer Core Exercises

5. The Bridge. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Let your back relax in a neutral position. Extend your arms alongside you. Now lift your hips to form a line with your knees. Hold this position for as long as you can. Breathe slowly as you do it. Let your hips down and repeat.

6. Abdominal Crunch. Lie on the back and put the feet on the wall so that your knees and hips are bent at a 90-degree angle. Raise the head and shoulders off the floor. Cross your arms on your chest. It is better not to lock them behind your head as you could strain your neck. Hold the position for three or four deep breaths then repeat several times.

7. Double-leg Abdominal Press. Lie on back with your knees bent and raised your legs off the floor so that your knees and hips are bent at a 90-degree angle. Place your hands on your knees and pull your legs against your hands so they a providing resistance. You will feel you stomach muscles working. Do this for three or four deep breaths and repeat.

8. Segmental Rotation. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your shoulders flat on the floor. Slowly let the knees fall to one side but do not push so that it hurts you. Just go as far as is comfortable. Hold the position for three or four deep breaths and then return to do the same on the other side. Do this several times.

9. Quadruped. Get on the floor on your hands and knees. Make sure your arms are directly under your shoulders. In turn, stretch your limbs out – stretch your right arm as far as you can, then your left and then each of your legs. Make sure your head and neck are level with your back. Use your stomach muscles to balance you. Hold each stretch for three or four deep breaths.

10. The Plank. Lie on the floor on your stomach then raises your body onto your forearms and toes. Keep your body rigid and in a straight line with no sagging. You should be looking at the floor. Hold this position for ten to fifteen seconds and, as you grow stronger, gradually extend the time. Remember to breath slowly as you do it. Later, as your strength improves, you can try raising each leg, one at a time, a few inches off the floor.

These are Suspension Trainer Core Exercises will work all your core muscles, including your abs, to give your body strength and balance. If you are not used to exercising, just do what you can until your body strengthens. To get those six-pack abs you should include some aerobic exercises in your fitness program and get rid of any food that is high in sugar or high in fat. Check out suspension trainers here.

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TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT


If you have been spending hours in the gym without getting any visible results, you need to switch to a more efficient and effective workout. A workout that not only burns your calories but burns it quickly.You need to switch to High Intensity Interval training ( HIIT) workout which is also commonly known as Sprint Interval training (SIT).

HIIT workout includes high intensity exercises which is followed by short periods of recovery. Recovery period exercises are generally of medium intensity. HIIT is a very effective training workout. It not only increases your fitness but also builds your strength during that short period of time and hence is better than any normal training method you have ever used. It increases the aerobic as well as the anaerobic stamina of your body. The entire session of HIIT workout usually lasts between 5 minutes to thirty minutes.

Usually HIIT comprises of three steps:

● Various repetitive exercises of high intensity are performed.

● This is followed by an active rest period of performing exercises which are of medium intensity.

● Last is the cooling down of your body to bring your blood pressure and heart rate to the normal level.

There are various high intensity exercises you can do as part of HIIT. However, one of the most popular exercise would be TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT. This workout method is an all time favorite with professional athletes as well as amateurs as it is a complete body workout.

What is TRX Suspension Training?


TRX or Total resistance exercise was developed by Randy Herrick, a former US Navy Seal. TRX provides Suspension Training to develop flexibility, functional strength, balance and coordination. Suspension trainers which are basically two suspension straps, are used to build muscles and stability of your body.

Generally in a human body, centre of gravity is situated right above the hips and it tends to change every time the body moves. By making use of suspension training, we can change our centre of gravity knowingly, thus challenging our muscles.

TRX Suspension Training is a very different concept than any conventional workout which focuses primarily on muscles. It is a total body workout and is more effective than any other normal exercise such as jogging or swimming.


Benefits of TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT

We are not exaggerating but people who have actually tried TRX Suspension Training cannot stop gushing about how wonderful it is and how amazing it’s results are. We have stated few of its benefits below:

1. Have you ever spent so much time in a gym only to feel not so satisfied and disappointed later because you feel that the exercises you perform only focuses on some of your problem areas? The same is not true with this workout method.TRX Suspension Training is a comprehensive workout and focuses on not only on every muscle of your body but also provides emphasis on strength, stability and flexibility. It also offers variety of exercises which are based mainly on abs training.

2. The adjustable suspension trainers consist of two straps with handles for your hands and feet. The best thing about these trainers? Definitely it would be that they are lightweight and portable. Can you carry your gym equipment everywhere you go? No, but these Suspension trainers can be carried anywhere easily, thus, you can complete your workout indoor or outdoors according to your convenience. If you travel a lot, this workout method is the best pick for you.

3. This kind of training is deemed as a very low impact training. Hence, the risk of injury attached with this workout is very low.Thus, you can perform vigorous high intensity exercises without any fear of injury or aggravating any already existing injury.

TRX Suspension Training with a HIIT Workout 1

4. TRX Suspension Training is a very versatile workout. It can be done by a professional as well as any amateur. Some of the tough exercises which seem to be only fit for experienced athletes can also be performed by beginners by providing the right support.

5. This training not only increases your strength but also improves your cardiovascular stamina.

6. TRX improves the metabolic rate of a person and this helps in burning calories at a faster rate.

If you are looking for losing weight in an effective manner, HIIT workout would be suitable for you. It is better than any other normal workout that you have tried before and when you combine this workout with TRX Suspension Training you’d be surely experiencing wonders and fall in love with this amazing workout. To find suspension training equipment, click here.

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Suspension Trainer Moves

Improve Your Workouts with These Suspension Trainer Moves

If you want to improve the results of your workouts then some suspension training moves can help you in making it possible to a great extent. These moves of suspension training are body-weight exercises to develop balance, strength, core stability and flexibility at the same time. These moves require a highly portable performance training tool popularly known as TRX Suspension Trainer to power up the weight and gravity of the body of the user body through a number of moves.

Benefits of using Suspension Trainer moves

The Suspension Trainer moves are the original workout system that is the best in its category as by performing hundreds of its exercises you can improve your body-weight along with the gravity of your body. During these exercises you will have to adjust the position of your body to reduce or increase its resistance. Thus you will have to decide on the amount of stress you want to give to your body for each move.

These suspension training moves can help people from all fitness levels in delivering fast and effective workout for your entire body along with increasing the endurance of your muscles and building their core rock solid. One can do these exercises anywhere whether at home, hotel, gym or outdoors. These moves provide great functionality and performance by using the weight of your own body which cannot be achieved even by spending thousands of dollars on huge workout machines.

Some of the popular suspension training moves or exercises are briefly described here under for your guidance.

Y Fly: In the suspension training moves of this type the TRX straps are put at mid-length and arms are extended in Y position while keeping your palms in forward and feet in offset position to create tension on TRX. While keeping your arms extended you will have maintain a plank along with lowering down your body. Then you have to drive your knuckles back and keep your eyes on the anchor point while pulling on the handles and lifting your chest. Common faults to be avoided in this move include bending the elbows and breaking at the hips.

Single Leg Squat: In this move also TRX straps are put at mid-length. While stretching the TRX you will have to place your elbows under your shoulders and the center the right leg to the anchor point while supporting it by placing the heel of opposite leg on the ground. Now assist the knee of your leg in bending by lowering your back and hips down. Most of your weight should be on working leg but, if required, some of it can be shifted to supporting leg. Then you will have to stand tall by extending your hips while driving through your heels. This move is to be repeated with left leg simultaneously. Common faults to be avoided in this move include bending at the waist too far forward or leaning too far at the back.

Burpee: The TRX straps he are put in the suspension training moves of this type at mid-calf. You will have to center with the anchor point while placing your shoulders over your hips and one foot in foot cradle. Now lower your hips until the back of the knee remains two inch from the ground and drive your suspended knee back. Then hop on your straight back grounded leg forward like blowing up a jump and do a push-up by placing your hand on the ground. Common faults to be avoided may include hopping too far forward or dropping your hips during push-up.

Power Pull: Put the TRX straps at mid-length towards the anchor point while placing your working handle beside your chest to reach your free hand. The shoulder should be dropped down while extending your working arm and rotating your free hand towards the ground in a circular motion. Now you have to rotate your free arm towards the anchor point along with driving the working elbow straight back and keeping your hips square. Common faults to be avoided in such suspension training moves may include use of rotational movement to pull up the body or breaking at the hips.

Thus suspension training moves allow you to use your body-weight to increase its flexibility and strength. To find the right TRX gear, click here.





TRX – Total Resistance exercise is simply a specialized suspension training form which utilizes equipment and facilities developed by Randy Hetrick who is a former U.S. Navy SEAL. It is a suspension training form which uses body weight workouts to develop flexibility, strength, balance and core stability simultaneously. For you to effectively perform TRX exercises, you’ll be required to make use of TRX Suspension Trainer i.e. a performance workout tool which leverages gravity as well as your own body weight.

Generally, this form of workout carries along numerous benefits. However, for you to benefit from it, you’ll be required to choose TRX exercises that are considered the best, which will perfectly suits your body needs and perform them in a professional manner. This article will give you a list of the best TRX exercises that you should make use of if you really want to be healthier and physical fit.


Best TRX Exercises to Put into Consideration: What you need to Know


TRX Push- Up

This workout is meant to target the upper body. To carry out this exercise, hook your toes via the TRX straps in order to make the tops of your both feet face the ground. Lift carefully your body up so that you can allow the weight to rest on your hand’s palms. Eventually, you’ll be required to keep the core tight and bend your elbows so that you can hassle free lower your chest between your hands in order to benefit from the exercise. You will feel your shoulders and chest working as you’re pressing back to the initial starting position.


TRX Chest Press

This form of TRX workout often targets the chest and the arms. Performing this exercise will require you to grab any handles in your gym with an over- hand grip and extend your arms in front at shoulder height. Carefully lean forward in order to ensure that your body is slightly diagonal. To finish the workout, bend your lower chest as well as elbows between your hands. This exercise is ideal since it will engage your arms and chest as you try to push yourself to the starting position.


TRX Inverted Row

If you want to make your biceps stronger and healthier, you’re advised to consider this form of TRX exercise. The workout requires you to bend your knees and carefully plant your feet on the training ground. Try to reach the handles in your training ground while ensuring that your palms are facing each other and the arms are fully extended when lifting your body off the ground. This will work out your biceps and thus help you gain strong healthier muscles in the long run.


Kneeling Triceps Press

Since biceps and triceps are significant factors when you’re using your hands to perform different roles, you should ensure that you exercise both of them. Basically, when exercising triceps, lie down and bend your elbows carefully while lifting yourself up till your upper body is lowered towards the floor. This workout will require you to repeat it severally if you want to experience its effectiveness within a very short duration.


Single Arm Row

This TRX exercise targets the biceps, shoulders and abs. The exercise requires you to grab handles in your training ground while ensuring that your palms face one another. Lean carefully all the way back till you feel that weight is in your heels while your arms are properly extended in front of you and your body is diagonal.

Best TRX Exercises 1

Benefits you will Experience by Carrying Out Best TRX Exercises

TRX workouts can hassle free improve stability and mobility, build lean muscles, increase metabolic results as well as help you develop functional strength. This unique kind of exercise is considered appropriate for cyclists, runners, or any person who is an aspiring athlete and wants more strength training.

However, despite these TRX workouts carrying along numerous factors that can be beneficial to your body, their effectiveness will only come into being if you will properly make use of them.

If you think that adhering to DIY routine is not possible, consider hiring a trainer in your area to guide you on how TRX exercises are supposed to be performed.

Last, but definitely not the least, ensure that you practice the afore- mentioned best TRX exercises in order to experience the effectiveness they offer.To find suspension training equipment, click here.



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